How to get to Arugam Bay

Dilshan Tours offers an affordable way to get here: $5 for a one-way ride between Colombo and Arugam Bay. Its Colombo-Pottuvil bus leaves the main Pettah bus terminal daily at 9:00pm (the trip takes eight or nine hours, depending on road and traffic conditions), while the Pottuvil-Colombo bus (seen here parked in its usual spot near the Sri New Dilshan Guest House on Arugam Bay’s main drag) leaves Pottuvil for Colombo at 7:45pm daily (see contact information below).

Ambrose Bierce may have said that war is God’s way of teaching Americans geography, but I’m assuming you already know where Arugam Bay is (OK, OK, it’s a tiny fishing village two miles south of Pottuvil on the east coast of Sri Lanka, a proudly independent 25,000-square-mile island nation off the southern coast of India; the 33-mile-wide Palk Strait separates the country from the Indian subcontinent).

For a place that’s only 200 miles (320 kilometers) from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay can seem hopelessly remote. Some surfers may think that’s a good thing, but the area’s handful of hotel and restaurant operators are glad that getting here is getting easier—and in some instances more affordable—for surfers, birders, nature lovers and anyone else who’s looking to spend a few days or weeks in the sun.

The perception is that coming to Sri Lanka is the easy part of your trip—there are daily flights to Colombo from all over the world—and that getting to Arugam Bay from the airport is the hard part. That perception is at odds with reality. Because now there are many more ways to get here. Most area hotels will be happy to pick you up at the airport and whisk you to Arugam Bay for around $160. You can also get to Arugam Bay in a rental car, taxi, three-wheeler scooter taxi, train, air-conditioned bus or air taxi.

Fred Netzband-Miller thinks traveling part of the way to Arugam Bay by train is an often overlooked option: “Ella and Badulla are well known rail destinations in Sri Lanka,” he says. “But Batticaloa is not, although with overnight sleeper trains, it’s the most convenient.”

Fred points out that Batticaloa is just 60 miles (about 100 kilometers) north of Arugam Bay, adding that there’s a pretty good bus service between Batticaloa and Pottuvil on the A4 coastal road. You can also arrange to be picked up by a shuttle bus or taxi on arrival in Batticaloa. (Fred is proud of the luxury bus service he envisioned back in 2007, and that now operates between Colombo and Pottuvil.)

The Sri Lankan Airlines air taxi (a DeHavilland Twin Otter DHC-6 with straight floats) docks here at Arugam Bay.

Sri Lankan Airlines operates a chartered air taxi service for those who’d prefer to skip Colombo altogether and get here directly from the airport. The flight time for the air taxis—Twin Otter planes with straight floats and seating for 15 passengers—is 90 minutes. You can email Sri Lankan Airlines at to make your own arrangements. Incidentally, you only need to punch four digits (1979) to call the airline’s 24-hour contact center from anywhere in Sri Lanka (01194777771979 from the U.S.).

Watch out for elephant crossing signs on the way to Arugam Bay: Anytime after 4:00pm (till dawn) is a good time to see elephants, depending on your route. We saw this young bull on the shoulder of the Buttala Road.

It wasn’t always this easy. It used to be that getting to Arugam Bay from Colombo would take you all day. Sometimes you’d sit in your jeep with the engine idling while a wild elephant stood swaying gently in the middle of a jungle road, blocking your way. In fact, you can still see elephants on the way to Arugam Bay, depending on the route you take and the time of day.

The first time my brother Tyrone and I were in Arugam Bay was in August 1963, on a hunting trip to Okande with our Dad. We came back in April 1964, again on a hunting trip. Back in those days the only way to get your jeep across the bay was on a ferry—a platform of wooden planks lashed to oil drums—with an old man hauling away on a rope to get you to the other side. Later in 1964 a box girder bridge, built with aid from the German government, put the ferry out of business and finally made it possible to drive nonstop from Pottuvil to Arugam Bay, Panama, Okande and the Kumana Bird Sanctuary.

Anyway, here’s contact information for car rental companies, taxi, rail and bus services that I know you can use to get to and from Arugam Bay (I’m sure there are many other taxi services and car rental companies; I’ll add them to this list when I learn about them):

Car Rental Companies:
Shineway Rent-a-Car: 0112368747, 0114361706 and 0712789323 (
Malkey Rent-a-Car: 0112365365, 0112502008, 0112365251 and 0112365253 (
Kings Rent-a-Car: 0112889860 and 0112875063 (
Taxi Services:
Arugam Taxi Initiative: 0778888877 (011940778888877 from the U.S.) (
Kango Cabs: 0112577577 and 0112810810 (
Yellow Radio Cabs: 0112942942
Casons Taxi: 0113300400, 0771055360 and 0777381929 (
Comfort Cabs: 0112590590 (
Budget Meter Taxi: 0117299299
Bus Services:
Dilshan Tours: 0713506631 and 0724847432
Aradhana Super Service: 0712490307 and 0771348927
Super Line Travels: 0113150151, 0112567799, 0112887799 and 0773864656
Additionally, the Ceylon Transport Board (CTB) operates a daily bus service from Colombo to Pottuvil. A bus leaves Pettah (the location of Colombo’s central bus terminal) at 5:00am and arrives in Pottuvil at 4:00pm. You can take a three-wheeler scooter taxi from Pottuvil to Arugam Bay, or walk the two miles if you need to stretch you legs.
Rail Services:
Arugam Surf has details of the rail service between Colombo and Batticaloa, including schedules.
Air Taxi Services:
Sri Lankan Airlines: 1979 (Sri Lanka) and 01194777771979 (U.S.) (

Getting around in Arugam Bay:

Arugam Bay Taxi Service:

You can walk or rent a bicycle (most hotels have bikes for rent), but if you plan to go (say) to Okande, an air-conditioned taxi is your best best. A company called Sathsara operates two small four-door taxis; they charge Rs. 50 (41¢) per kilometer. You can either call the company at 0573588797 or the drivers themselves (Bandula at 0777886559 or Mubarak at 0778909790).

Three-wheeler scooter taxis are another good way for getting around in Arugam Bay. They are what most surfers use to get to the best spots. Here’s contact information for six guys who took my bro and me all over the place (names are in alphabetical order):

Amzar: 0778176972

Khalideen: 0779234473

Manju: 0776576239

Nilantha: 0770592382 (

Samantha: 0777677281

Shantha Lal: 0776625337

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