Sunrise at Kaudulla

This has to be the earliest that Tyrone and I have ever been up on Christmas Day.

Kaudulla became Sri Lanka’s fifteenth national park in 2002. It had been part of the sixteen-reservoir irrigation system built during the reign of King Mahasena (275 AD to 301 AD).

Ceylon elephants are smart; I think that’s what makes them so dangerous.

Ceylon elephants (Elephas maximus maximus), like other Asian elephants, are intelligent and self-aware (in an experiment conducted at the Bronx Zoo, scientists established that Asian elephants can recognize themselves in a mirror).

My brother and I saw around fifty elephants emerge from the mist on Christmas morning. Kaudulla is just a short drive from Habarana, so we were able to return to our hotel in time for breakfast.

Rangers have counted over two hundred wild elephants at this twenty-seven-square-mile park just 120 miles (192 kilometers) from Colombo.

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